How our devices help with Low Vision

One question I get asked all the time, especially from customers who call me on the phone, is what do your devices do and how can they help me with my low vision? The first thing I ask them is what they are currently using? Also what do they specifically need help with in their day to day life that they are currently unable to do?

Most people respond saying they are using a handheld magnifier that is no longer working for reading in their day to day. I go on to explain that with a handheld magnifier (I do carry these as well) it is a fixed optical solution and once the magnification strength is no longer enough they have to move on to another device. The other thing is with a regular handheld magnifier as strength of magnification increases the size of viewing surface decreases. For example a 3.5x magnifier viewing surface if the size of a cell phone. A 7x magnifier is closer to the size of a half dollar coin.

Our products operate differently by using video magnification which allows my clients to not only increase size of text they are viewing but gives them contrast options as well. Our portable products and some desktops also have built in lighting also.

Check out my FAQ page for answers to other questions you may have or you can contact me directly.